PVD coating of STIMZET tools

PVD (physical vapor deposition) coatings are widely used to improve service life of tools.

  • TiN (nitrid titanu) - The TiN coating is a wear resistant ceramic coating recommended for cutting conditions where high feeds and speeds are required. The friction coefficient helps chip flow, prevents build up of workpiece material at the tool edge and reduces cutting forces and tool temperature.
  • TiAlN (titan aluminium nitrid) - TiAlN coating is used in high temperature/speed cutting operations.

Comparison of tool life

Tested drill:
drill HSS DIN 338
diameter: 6 mm
drilling depth: 15 mm
drilled in material: 1.2379
material strength: 800 N/mm2
cooling: emulsion 5%

Coating of our tools:

We offer PN 2931 - DIN 338 RN standard with TiN and - PN 2905 T1000, PN 2907 T1000, PN 2915 T1000, and ZV3001 T1000 with TiAlN coating in our catalogue.

Our other ground from solid tools are coated on customer requests.

Please, send your questions and requests to Frantisek Raszka.
mail: raszka@stimzet.cz