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In December 2009 STIMZET became a production division of trading company M&V spol. s r.o. Vsetín - the biggest wholesaler of tools, instruments and machines in Czech Republic.

As regards production nothing has changed and division STIMZET continues in manufacturing its high quality HSS tools for machining holes. STIMZET has a vision to always be here for you as the leading supplier to production industries as well as to the maintenance machining market.

Production continues to the full extent and all standard products are available - high quality HSS drills, core drills, centre drills, spotting drills, hand and machine reamers, countersinks, counterbores, screw extractors and clamping tools.

STIMZET also provides engineering solutions and manufactures special tools according to customers requirements - on the basis of provided technical drawings.

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Our address:
M&V, spol. s .r.o
Jasenicka 2092
75501 Vsetin

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VAT code: CZ43964095

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