Online catalogue of STIMZET tools

STIMZET is one of the significant European manufacturers of drilling tools. The high and constant quality of production results from more than 60 years tradition of the drills, reamers, countersinks and counterbores manufacturing in Zbrojovka Vsetín and STIMZET a.s.

 Drills straight shank taper shank
stub drills sets of drills jobber drills,
long series,
and special
jobber drills screw extractors
long, extra long special
subland center, spotting
 Core drills
straight shank, taper shank and shell core drills
 Reamers hand machine
hand straight straight shank shell
hand taper reamers morse taper shank
Counterbores, countersinks
straight shank taper shank cutters, spot-facing
 Clamping tools
Arbors, bushes

STIMZET offers not only the assortment of standard tools, but also the special tools according to the customers requirements and engineering services for solving technological problems in relation to drilling and hole machining as well.

Download STIMZET production video (26MB, xvid, avi)

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